Salzburg 1 vs 2 Chelsea Highlights Video Download (UCL)

Salzburg 1 vs 2 Chelsea Highlights Video Download (UCL)

UCL: Salzburg 1 vs 2 Chelsea Highlights Video Download #SALCHE .

RB Salzburg 1 vs 2 Chelsea Highlights Download: UEFA Champions League (UCL) – October 25th, 2022. 

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Salzburg vs Chelsea’s match started with full attacking forces.

The Salzburg goalscorer proves his worth inside his own box as he stops Jorginho’s header from a corner going in.

Chelsea are banging down the door now trying to restore their lead. You can’t take your eye off this second half for a moment.

Chelsea nearly bounce back immediately … not once, but twice! First Aubameyang strides into the box down the left, only to be denied when one-on-one with Kohn, a combination of the keeper spreading and Dedic’s last-ditch tackle from behind stopping him.

Chelsea stream up the pitch, spraying the ball around in beautiful diagonal slashes. They carve Salzburg to bits. Suddenly it’s two on one, and Pulisic, haring down the inside left, rolls to Aubameyang down the other channel. Aubameyang should score, but slams his shot straight at Kohn.

A great last-ditch save, one that’s denied Chelsea a goal for the ages. Potterball emerging!

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Wöber strides down the left and, from a deep position on the wing, swings in low for Adamu. The ball is perfectly weighted, a couple of inches too far ahead of Cucurella, taking the defender out of the game.

Chelsea are punished for their lack of full-back or wing-back options on the goal when Wober crossed for Adamu.

Any of the back three or wide players could be blamed as RB Salzburg killed Chelsea against the run of play through a rapid transition.

VAR has a look. The replay shows the ball rearing up off the turf and hitting Kovacic’s fist, but the Chelsea man was looking the other way and had no idea what was going on. His arms were right by his side too.

Then from the resulting corner, Kovacic has an effort cleared off the line! A header towards the bottom right that Adamu hooks clear with a telescopic leg! The referee checks to see if his watch is vibrating, but not a molecule moves.






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