Oyo State Govt. Salutes Bravery Of National Park Rangers On World Ranger Day

Oyo State Govt. Salutes Bravery Of National Park Rangers On World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day: Oyo State Govt. Salutes Bravery Of National Park Rangers.

The Oyo State Government has saluted the bravery of Park Rangers at the Old Oyo National Park, while it also appealed to Nigerians to desist from cutting trees and harming rangers guarding forests.

The Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun said this yesterday, during the celebration of 2022 World Ranger Day, marked at the Old National Park, Oyo.

World Ranger Day, which is marked annually on July 31, pays tribute to those who have fallen in the fight to save forests, wild animals and trees, as well as show support for those still fighting.

Olatubosun said the State Government recognises reforms on forestry laws and policies, through its Forestry department.

Dr. Olatubosun also advocated the need for enlightenment on forestry activities and the significance of the world celebrating the rangers day.

He added that Oyo State is enjoying relative peace due to the synergy within the security architecture of the State.

On behalf of the Oyo State Government, Olatubosun appreciated the efforts of the Guards at the National Park, especially in complementing the security architecture of the State.

“One of the cardinal points of this administration is security. The Peace that members of the state are enjoying cannot be over emphasised without the work of National Rangers in the state”, he said.

Oyo state government is proud to be associated with you because you have been very helpful tremendously by supporting other security agencies in maintaining peace in all our reserves”.

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“A Ranger protects our cultural and historical heritage. Therefore, we appreciate your efforts. Through your efforts, our park and forests must be kept and saved from intruders”, he said.

The Coordinator, Old Oyo National Park, Mrs. Caroline Samuel Ilori, said the annual celebration is an opportunity to celebrate rangers that have died in the course of exercising their duties, protecting this park.

She added that the day is set aside to celebrate living rangers who have given their all in having our environment protected.

“We are all aware of climate change in our environment; once protected, the forest helps to cushion and help mitigate climate change”, the Coordinator said.

“A ranger plays a key role in our environment; a ranger is a protector, tour-guard, security personnel and a Researcher. He knows what an environment is lacking”, she concluded.



Hon. Wasiu Olatubosun,

Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism,

Oyo State.

August 17, 2022.


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