Odunlade Adekola Celebrates Skit Makers, Ajanlekoko & Aunty Aduke With Gifts

Odunlade Adekola Celebrates Skit Makers, Ajanlekoko & Aunty Aduke With Gifts

After Viral TikTok Success, Odunlade Adekola Supports Skit Makers Ajanlekoko and Aunty Aduke with Repost and #100,000 Gifts.

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Odunlade Adekola has shown his support for rising Nigerian skit makers by awarding N100,000 to Mr. Ajanlekoko and Aunty Aduke after reposting their viral comedy skit on TikTok. The skit, titled “DNA Test,” humorously depicts a scenario in which Aunty Aduke reveals to Mr. Ajanlekoko, who plays her father in the skit, that she does not resemble him after a DNA test. Instead, she humorously claims to be the daughter of renowned actor Odunlade Adekola.

The skit, which showcases the comedic talents of Mr. Ajanlekoko and Aunty Aduke, quickly gained traction on TikTok and other social media platforms due to its relatable and entertaining plot.

Odunlade Adekola’s endorsement of the skit through a repost on his official Tiktok account gave the creators a significant boost in visibility. The Nollywood star’s gesture of awarding the duo N100,000 serves as a show of appreciation for their creativity and hard work in crafting the popular skit.

Adekola’s support for the skit makers not only highlights his dedication to nurturing new talent within the Nigerian entertainment industry but also serves as a source of encouragement for other emerging content creators. His generous contribution emphasizes the importance of established figures in the industry providing opportunities and recognition to up-and-coming artists.

In an interview following the donation, Mr. Ajanlekoko and Aunty Aduke expressed their gratitude for Adekola’s gesture and his role in helping their skit gain more exposure. They emphasized how the unexpected endorsement from one of Nollywood’s most beloved actors has given them newfound motivation to continue producing quality content.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, the collaboration and support between established artists and new talents become essential in fostering a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape. Odunlade Adekola’s generous actions exemplify how influential figures can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nigerian entertainment.










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