Nigerians Can Now Get An International Passport For #26,000

Nigerians Can Now Get An International Passport For #26,000

Immigration Confirms That Nigerians Can Now Get An International Passport For #26,000, List How To Report Officers.

The Nigeria Immigration service (NIS) has urged Nigerians to stop giving money to officers when applying for an international passport. According to NIS, it is not only criminal on the part of the applicants but also wrong for officers to demand money to facilitate the process.

Okpu confirmed the steps while adding NIS remains one of the foremost agencies that embraced online applications and payment processes long ago.

He said: “For instance, applications and payment for Passports are expected to be made via by the applicants themselves.

“This is intended to eliminate all forms of cash transactions and also simplify the process across our offices. I must note that we don’t yet have a perfect system but we constantly request our people to endeavour to follow the process we have emplaced. We also expect our people to make conscious efforts to plan their travels well ahead of time to avoid last minute rush.”

“At the moment, we have a Passport appointment system in place but you find mounting requests for waivers&of course, this will not allow for neat processes and procedures.

How to report officers demanding money Okpu further urged Nigerians to stop paying money to immigration officers and immediately report officers. “The online process is there first to eliminate cases of anyone demanding any money.

“Applicants who sit in the comfort of their homes/offices to apply&make payments wouldn’t be talking about frustration by anyone.

“However, if we receive reports about any Personnel collecting money, of course the rules will naturally be applied. Where it’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt, appropriate sanctions are applied.

“Our complaints channels include;; +2438021819988; twitter&facebook handles(@nigimmigration).

Immigration explained: “If you reside outside Nigeria, you will be required to submit your application at the preferred Nigeria Embassy/High Commission or Consulate you selected during the online application. You have to also note that applicants are required to appear at the passport office chosen during online application for photograph and Biometric data capturing if current passport is more than six months old. Data on the old passport will also be the same as what will appear on the New Passport”

Meanwhile, Nigerian passport has moved up three places in the global ranking to sit at 100th most powerful. The change also brings the good news that holders of Nigerian passports can now travel to 46 countries visa-free. There are also three other countries where Nigerians can travel and get visas on arrival.


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