NDLEA Seizes Drug Worth N800bn, Arrest 42,105 Suspects

NDLEA Seizes Drug Worth N800bn, Arrest 42,105 Suspects

The NDLEA, under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Brig Gen Mohamed Buba Marwa (retd), has made significant strides in the fight against drug-related crimes. Over a span of three years, a staggering 7,590 tons of illicit drugs valued at more than N800 billion have been seized, with 42,105 drug offenders arrested nationwide.

During a visit by Gen Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, to the NDLEA headquarters in Abuja, Marwa emphasized the critical link between illicit drugs and various criminal activities, including terrorism, kidnapping, and insurgency. He highlighted the reliance of criminals on drugs before executing their unlawful actions, underscoring NDLEA’s aggressive efforts to deny them access to these substances.

In addition to the massive drug seizures, the NDLEA destroyed 1,057 hectares of cannabis farms and secured the conviction of 8,350 offenders. Moreover, within the same period, 29,400 drug users underwent counseling and rehabilitation—a crucial step in addressing the root causes of drug abuse.

Chairman Marwa proudly shared the agency’s achievements, stating, “In about three years, we have arrested 42,105 drug offenders, including 46 barons. We have seized no fewer than 7,590 tons of drugs valued at about N800 billion.” He lauded the armed forces for their unwavering support, diligence, loyalty, and commitment to keeping the nation safe. Their contributions encompassed areas such as arms and ammunition supply and the training of NDLEA officers and personnel.

The collaborative efforts between the armed forces and the NDLEA have played a pivotal role in curbing drug-related crimes and ensuring the safety and security of the nation.


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