Mr Eazi – “I Never Wanted To Do Music”

Mr Eazi - "I Never Wanted To Do Music"

Renowned singer and entrepreneur, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, popularly known as Mr. Eazi, recently unveiled an intriguing revelation about his journey into the music industry. Surprisingly, the mechanical engineer-turned-music sensation confessed that music was never his initial career choice and that he stumbled into it purely by accident.

During a recent interview with media personality Angela Lee, Mr. Eazi candidly shared his unexpected path into the world of music. He recounted a pivotal moment in his career when he contemplated quitting the music industry altogether, a mere three years after launching his musical journey. This moment of introspection occurred after his performance at the prestigious Coachella music festival in 2019 left him feeling unfulfilled.

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In his own words, Mr. Eazi expressed, “I have a tech company called Zagadat Capital. And this was like me being bored of music. After performing at Coachella in 2019, on the first day, I came down from the stage, and I felt nothing. No happiness, no sadness.”

He further explained that considering his initial reluctance to pursue a career in music, the absence of fulfillment at such a significant milestone in his musical journey served as a clear sign. He believed it was time to either quit music and explore new horizons or take a temporary break to address potential burnout.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided Mr. Eazi with the much-needed pause to evaluate his next steps. During this period of reflection, he realized that diversification was the key to rejuvenating his passion for music. He had already initiated Empawa, which allowed him to gain valuable insights into the music business. However, he found himself fatigued even by listening to music—a paradox for someone in the music industry. To address this, he decided to delegate music-related responsibilities to his team.

Driven by his long-standing entrepreneurial aspirations, Mr. Eazi recognized that his music career had provided him with valuable access to people and capital. Consequently, he made the bold decision to launch his own fund, following in the footsteps of music mogul Jay-Z.

Looking ahead to the future, Mr. Eazi revealed his plans to venture into the movie industry starting from the next year. This expansion into a new creative domain signifies his commitment to continuous growth and innovation in his career.

In conclusion, Mr. Eazi’s journey from accidental musician to a multifaceted entrepreneur showcases his resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges and evolving passions. His foray into tech and plans for investment in the film industry demonstrate his determination to explore diverse avenues beyond the music industry.

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