Mikel Obi – “I Hope Osimhen Joins Chelsea”

Mikel Obi - "I Hope Osimhen Joins Chelsea"

Former Chelsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi, has voiced his optimism about the possibility of Victor Osimhen joining Chelsea in the upcoming transfer window.

The former Nigerian international has thrown his support behind the Napoli striker, believing that Osimhen possesses the qualities needed to thrive in the Premier League.

Speaking on his podcast, “The Obi One,” Mikel expressed his confidence in Osimhen’s ability to seamlessly adapt to the Premier League. He noted that in previous years, he might have been skeptical, but after observing Osimhen’s performances in recent seasons, he is now convinced of the striker’s potential success.

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Mikel highlighted Osimhen’s attributes that make him a valuable asset for Premier League clubs. He praised Osimhen’s goal-scoring prowess, his ability to make well-timed runs behind defenders, and his capacity to stretch opposition defenses.

According to Mikel, these qualities are highly sought after in the Premier League, as they create opportunities and open up space for attacking plays.

While expressing his personal desire to see Osimhen join Chelsea, Mikel acknowledged the prevailing rumors that suggest Osimhen may be inclined towards Manchester United.

Nevertheless, he maintained his hope that Osimhen ultimately makes the move to Chelsea, showcasing his support for the London-based club.

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