Manchester City 6 vs 3 Manchester United Highlights Video

Manchester City 6 vs 3 Manchester United Highlights Video

Manchester City 6 vs 3 Manchester United Highlights Video Download: MCIMUN .

Manchester City 6 vs 3 Man United Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – October 2nd, 2022. 

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The Manchester derby between Man City and Man Utd started with full attacking forces. Man Blue quickly finished the game at first half as they hunted like Lion for more and more market.

Erling Haaland and Phil Foden was unstoppable with brilliant performances supported and assisted by Kevin Debruyne.

There might have been a touch of misfortune for United with Varane off the pitch for Haaland’s header – although De Bruyne knows he can hang a ball on the six-yard box because De Gea won’t leave his line – but that goal is just magnificent.

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Luscious, ludicrous, liquid football from Manchester City. United’s threat on the counter-attack was supposed to be a factor today and they’ve been ripped apart by one. De Bruyne threads it down the left for Haaland, who arrows a ball back across goal for Foden to finish.

McTominay was understandably shadowing De Bruyne. One of the forwards has got to be putting pressure on the centre-back here because City have enough trouble-makers in the front six alone. Nobody is excelling in red but the forwards need to get their act together.

Erling Haaland into space, finds Grealish. Strangely, the master poacher doesn’t appear to be expecting the return pass and prods wide.

De Bruyne’s cross looked too heavy for Haaland for every inch of its journey, until that telescopic left leg stretched out to fire it home. Brilliant football.






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