Kwik Launches It’s Fast Services In Ibadan

Kwik Launches It's Fast Services In Ibadan

Kwik Launches In Ibadan, Promises to deliver in 60 minutes.

Kwik announces today that it officially launched its innovative and award-winning just-in-time delivery solutions to entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies, and merchants in Ibadan and promises 60 minutes delivery.

Ibadan is a commercial city in southwest Nigeria and is rapidly expanding and developing. One of the downsides to this rapid development is the steady increase in traffic jams. Kwik aims to play a significant role in solving this problem by delivering parcels from businesses to customers in under 60 minutes.

According to Romain Poirot-Lellig, Kwik’s Founder and CEO; the company’s plan to deploy over 1500 bikes which will handle thousands of deliveries daily represents a significant breakthrough in local logistics, as Ibadan becomes the third base of operations for Kwik’s Nigerian market, allowing for increased commercial activities in the city.

Romain explained, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service offering. Now, merchants and small businesses in Ibadan can partner with Kwik to deliver products to buyers in less than an hour”.

Kwik was awarded the most innovative logistics company in Nigeria at the annual Business Day Leadership Awards last year and this investment into a new region is further evidence of the importance and potential our brand to the Nigerian economy”, he said.

In a related development, Kwik recently launched KwikStore – a free eCommerce storefront solution that allows any business owner, merchant, social vendor entrepreneurs, and SMEs to create their own online stores literally in 5 minutes from their smartphone without any technical or coding knowledge.

With these innovative platforms (Kwik Delivery and KwikStore), Kwik will offer customers in electronics, tech, security, fashion, food & groceries, telecommunication, and pharmaceutical industries access to world-class standard services such as owning an online store, managing sales and inventory, payment solutions, and fast deliveries.

E-commerce activities in Nigeria have continued to grow at a steady pace since 2015. More than 80% of Nigerians prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes and have these products delivered to their doorsteps”, Yinka Olayanju, Kwik’s Chief Operations Officer said.

She added that “This rising trend in online activities has led to a steep increase in public spending as well as all-round economic growth, both of which require logistics support of the kind that Kwik Delivery is best-equipped to provide”.

“The opening of the Ibadan office shows Kwik’s commitment to the potential we see in the country. The trade activities within Lagos, Abuja, and Ibadan will shape the future of further advancement into other cities” explained Olivier Decrock, CTO and Co-Founder of kwik.

Olivier continued by saying “Kwik’s continued investment in technology and innovative solutions ensure that businesses in Nigeria have access to world-class logistics operations”.

Meanwhile, Kachi Adudu, Head of New Cities, Kwik, believes that with the commencement of Kwik in Ibadan, businesses will have the opportunity to increase sales and increase delivery fulfillment which will increase customer satisfaction and retention.

“With Kwik Delivery in Ibadan, customers would no longer have to wait a whole day for their parcels to get to them. Vendors also do not need to worry about their products being safe in transit to buyers”, said Kachi.

Kachi continued, “Our delivery bags are isothermic. These bags maintain the temperature of food items for 6 hours.

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Food vendors who use Kwik Delivery should rest assured that these meals will remain hot or frozen when they get to their customers. Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals can also use our delivery service to move temperature-sensitive items like blood samples and drugs”.

“Our riders will be with you within 30 mins of your request on our App and deliveries to your customers happen in less than an hour. You can track your deliveries and schedule deliveries ahead of time.

With more than 100,000 registered users on our app already, we are bringing every business owner in Ibadan all the necessary tools to increase sales and maintain stability”, he said.

Launched in 2019, Kwik has continued evolve with new innovations, providing digital and logistics solutions to African B2B merchants and e-commerce social vendors in the fields of delivery, fulfilment, and payment.

The Kwik platform is currently open to individuals and businesses operating in Lagos State, Abuja, and now Ibadan city of Oyo State, Nigeria.



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