Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Name Of Her And Cooke Maroney’s Baby Boy

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Name Of Her And Cooke Maroney's Baby Boy

Some months after Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her and Cooke Maroney’s first baby, the actress gushed over her son and her new chapter as a mom in an interview for Vogue. Jennifer Lawrence is basking in the joy of motherhood.

The Oscar winner and her husband Cooke Maroney became parents earlier this year after she gave birth to their first child. And in Lawrence’s cover story for Vogue’s October issue, she confirmed they welcomed a baby boy name named Cy.

The 32years old actress told the outlet in the piece released that;

“It’s so scary to talk about motherhood. Only because it’s so different for everybody,”

“If I say, It was amazing from the start, some people will think, It wasn’t amazing for me at first, and feel bad. Fortunately I have so many girlfriends who were honest. Who were like, It’s scary. You might not connect right away. You might not fall in love right away. So I felt so prepared to be forgiving.”

“I remember walking with one of my best friends at, like, nine months, and being like, Everyone keeps saying that I will love my baby more than my cat. But that’s not true. Maybe I’ll love him as much as my cat?”

However, as Lawrence—who named her son after American painter Cy Twombly, a favorite of art gallerist Maroney’s—told Vogue, giving birth marked a special new chapter for her growing family. “Like, Now is day one of my life. I just stared,” she explained.

“I was just so in love. I also fell in love with all babies everywhere. Newborns are just so amazing. They’re these pink, swollen, fragile little survivors. Now I love all babies. Now I hear a baby crying in a restaurant and I’m like, Awwww, preciousssss.”

“So many of my films in the past have been about my mother, my childhood,” Lawrence, 32, continued. “I wonder what will happen now that I’ll be witnessing somebody else’s childhood.

And I wonder what he’s going to be talking about with his therapist. She wouldn’t put me down. She kisses me on the mouth. She asked me not to go to college.”

As Lawrence enjoys her motherhood journey, she’s has relatable concerns. “My heart has stretched to a capacity that I didn’t know about,” the Hunger Games alum told Vogue. “I include my husband in that. And then they’re both just, like, out there—walking around, crossing streets. He’s gonna drive one day. He’s gonna be a stupid teenager and be behind the wheel of a car. And I’m just gonna be like, Good night! You know? Like, who sleeps?”

And as she returns to the spotlight, premiering her new film Causeway at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 10, she’s relishing the time she has with Cy and his milestones.


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