Hype man Brutalized & Stab A DJ

Hype man Brutalized & Stab A DJ

It was reported early hour on Saturday, a Hype man brutalized and stab his fellow DJ on Friday night at a Pub around OTA.

The said hypeman identified as Kamal was on duty along with the DJ which they both have been working together for a while. It was reported that this hypeman Kamal always jump on any song to hype on why people do complain which do affect the DJ creativity.

Any time the hypeman make money he leave with all the money without giving the DJ boys a dime telling the DJ and his boys they are doing nothing that the audience only pay attention to his hyping and vibe.


A lady make this comment in a video session saying hypeman make most club go bored vibing only on Amapiano beat while other music genre are missing.

Last Friday, the DJ have to do the hyping and DJing at a go in order to deliver to the audience in his creative way before the Hypeman Kamal jump in requesting for Amapiano while the DJ is on another music genre.

The DJ only instruct the hypeman to groove in other music genre while the audience feel the vibe and also he most at least tip his boys since he is showing his skills on the DJ instrument which later cause chaos within the DJ and the hypeman.

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It was late after work the hypeman ambush the DJ while going home and stab him with a broken bottle. The DJ survive with the help of people that witness the seen.

The issue as since then Been reported to the nearest police station but the hypeman is no where to be found till now.

Presently this has caused chaos within the Nigerian Disk Jockey sharing opinion on all Disk Jockey Association of Nigeria (DJAN) platform.


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