FA Cup: Coventry City vs Manchester United 3-3 (PEN2-4) Highlights Video

FA Cup: Coventry City vs Manchester United 3-3 (PEN2-4) Highlights Video

Coventry City vs Manchester United 3-3 (PEN2-4) Highlights Video Download #COVMUN .

Coventry City vs Man United 3-3 (PEN 2-4) Highlights Download: FA Cup semi final – April 21st, 2024.


Coventry City vs Manchester United‘s match started with full attacking forces.

Dalot starts his run for the goal from the kind of central position he often occupies when United are in possession and building-up play.

Erik Ten Hag must have noticed that he was going untracked a lot of the time because he sprints wide to get on the outside of Garnacho as soon as the winger gets the ball and nobody follows the run. He’s made a similar run since the goal as well.

Coventry City fans created plenty of noise before the game, but the Coventry end has gone flat and United can make sure to kill off their hopes with another goal, which might come soon.

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Manchester United could essentially kill this game off with another goal before half-time. Coventry aren’t offering much and, dare I say it, look overwhelmed by the occasion at Wembley.

Diogo Dalot wanted that. Watch his run – he’s not tracked – and he timed the cross perfectly. Coventry were rabble. The goalkeeper should have anticipated the cross better.

McTominay anticipated it perfectly. He’s been a good goal-getter this season and every one of his goals have been important.

Ten Hag called Maguire and Casemiro over for a chat after that goal. It can only have been about build-up play because they have had to do no defending at all. This is very comfortable. Dalot’s run and cross was excellent and as soon as the ball went in he turned to Ten Hag and pointed at him. Nicely worked goal.





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