DJ Chicken Crashes His Benz

DJ Chicken Crashes His Benz (Video)

A recent video circulating online has brought attention to an incident involving the well-known influencer, DJ Chicken, reportedly caught in an accident in Lekkie.

Allegedly, DJ Chicken’s Benz collided with an electric pole as it veered off the road. Fortunately, reports affirm that no casualties resulted from the crash.

As of now, DJ Chicken has not issued any statements regarding the accident. Numerous individuals have taken to the comment section to express their thoughts on this incident.

Here are some of the comments:

@Wisdowmbusybrain remarked, “Chicken might be living recklessly, but as long as he continues to provide us with content… Let divine intervention protect us all; Faaaaaain Fish Pie.”

@it’s_snakeyspecial humorously commented, “This guy is something else, what was the mechanic trying to achieve here?”

@Propertiesbylu expressed concern, “When wealth comes too soon  it leads to uncontrollable impulses.”

@Tbellz27 shared a worrying sentiment, “This guy seriously needs to reevaluate himself before causing irreparable harm. He seems to frequently be under the influence of substances. Please seek help before things spiral out of control.”

@Cryptoexchange added a lighthearted perspective, “Never laugh at a situation until you’ve experienced it. Portable is setting up his ring light. He’ll be live soon ”.

@Jam3lez advocated for measures, “There’s a need for random drug and alcohol testing in Lagos. This is becoming a serious issue.”


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