Christian Vieri’s Unsuccessful Performance For AC Milan

Christian Vieri’s Unsuccessful Performance For AC Milan

Christian Vieri is one of the best Italian forwards of his generation. During his long career, he changed more than a dozen clubs. By the way, every tomorrow football match with the teams he played is covered on the sports statistics website. However, here only up-to-date information about all the teams is presented.

In 2005 Vieri once again changed clubs. However, this time his transfer was particularly high-profile. The forward moved from Inter to AC Milan on the right of a free agent. Naturally, this signing immediately raised many questions, and here’s why:

  1.  The player moved to the camp of a major rival. It guaranteed him a negative attitude from the Milan fans.
  2. Age. Vieri was already 32. Yes, he could give the occasional outstanding performance, but it was complicated to count on him over the long haul.
  3. High competition. At that time, Milan had Shevchenko, Tomasson, Inzaghi, and other players in the attack. Therefore, it was difficult for Vieri to make it into the starting line-up.

As a result, the worst fears came true. The forward spent only six months at AC Milan. After that, he moved to Monaco. By the way, you can watch every football match involving this team, which will take place tomorrow and in the future, on a verified platform.

It will allow you to keep your hand on the pulse of events and make sure to catch everything necessary.

In total, the striker played 14 games for AC Milan, where he scored twice in the opponents’ goal. In general, his departure from the team in the winter of 2006 did not affect the team’s results.

The main reasons for the unsuccessful performance of the forward

The Italian forward had a very tough temper. Because of that, he rarely stayed somewhere for long. AC Milan was no exception.

Because of the conflict with the team management, the forward had to look for a new club quickly. By the way, if you follow the matches of the Rossoneri and want to know the football games today, remember that the current information can be easily found on the sports statistics website.

As for the reasons for the forward’s departure, it is also possible to mention the lack of confidence on the part of the coach. Carlo Ancelotti quickly clarified that he was not counting on Vieri as a base player. Therefore, he most often came on as a substitute. And if the forward appeared in the starting line-up, it was usually not a very important game.

The striker could not tolerate this attitude, so he told everything to the management. However, the club bosses took the side of the head coach, and the forward quickly had to leave.

Thus, Vieri left no trace in the history of AC Milan. However, if you follow this team and suddenly miss today’s current football games, you should not get upset. The necessary data is always presented on the sports statistics site, where all the matches are covered in detail.

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