Burnley vs Manchester City 0-3 Highlights

Burnley vs Manchester City 0-3 Highlights

Burnley vs Manchester City 0-3 Highlights Video Download #BURMCI .

Burnley vs Manchester City 0-3 Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – August 11th, 2023. 

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Burnley vs Manchester City‘s match s tarted with full attacking forces. Erling Haaland started new EPL season with 2 goals as Man City thrashed Burnley at 2023/34 Premier League opening match.

Corner for Burnley out on the right. Bruun Larsen, who has caused City a few problems, flashes a header over the bar.

This hasn’t been Burnley’s night, nobody really expected it to be … but they’ll be happy with quite a few performances tonight, ones that augur well for the rest of the season. They won’t be playing the best team in the world every week.

More direct City play almost leads to a third. Foden runs onto a long ball before attempting to pick out the City frontman in the centre. But his ball was poor and runs out for a goal-kick.

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Free-kick on the left whipped in by Foden. Haaland misses it by a nose at the front post and Al Dakhil heads it towards the penalty spot.

Ake has a swipe but can’t get there but in doing so blocks off a defender which allows it to fall to Rodri who leathers in a right-foot shot from about eight yards.

If Burnley have had a shot this half I’ve certainly missed it. The home side have not been bad at all and were actually the better team for a large chunk of the first half but City’s experience is paying dividends here.

The Blues have excellently killed their momentum, silenced the crowd and took the sting out of the game.

Haaland and Guardiola had a heated disagreement at the end of the first period. Let’s see if the advice has been headed. Haaland didn’t do half bad in the 45.






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