BNXN To Club Selling Fake Drinks – “You Are Killing Us”

BNXN To Club Selling Fake Drinks - "You Are Killing Us"

Nigerian Afrobeat artist, Daniel Benson, professionally known as BNXN, issued a stern warning to clubs in Nigeria cautioning against the sale of counterfeit drinks, emphasizing the peril it poses to consumers.

Expressing dismay, the ‘Finesse’ singer recounted a recent incident at a Lagos club where he ordered a drink only to receive a counterfeit one.

In a decisive statement, he vowed to publicly call out any future establishment found selling substandard drinks.

Taking to his social media platform on Sunday, BNXN emphasized, “Cease vending counterfeit drinks after patrons invest substantially in these overpriced beverages. You’re jeopardizing lives.”

He urged for respect towards consumers’ health and finances, insisting on receiving genuine products for the value paid. His message was clear: “If you lack authenticity, abstain from deception!”

In a firm ultimatum, he warned, “To any club or lounge attempting this deception with me in the future, I assure you, I won’t hesitate to take control of the microphone and address the issue!”

BNXN’s unwavering stance serves as a direct appeal for accountability within the entertainment industry, advocating for patrons’ rights and their well-being.


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