Aston Villa 3 vs 1 Manchester United Highlights Video

Aston Villa 3 vs 1 Manchester United Highlights Video

Aston Villa 3 vs 1 Manchester United Highlights Video Download #AVLMUN .

Aston Villa 3 vs 1 Manchester United Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – November 6th, 2022. 

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Aston Villa vs Manchester United’s match started with full attacking forces.

it’s a stretch to say United have earned that stroke of luck but they have been improving. Garnacho is making things happen when he gets on the ball and he’s been the driving force behind this comeback.

It’s a cliche but it is a great time to score and it makes Ten Hag’s half-time team talk a little easier

The remarkable thing about Ronalod’s headed chance is he was onside because every other time he has hoped for a cross he has been off.

Villa might as well let the ball drop to him because he’s edging ahead of Mings and Konsa almost every time.

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He has now desperately gone down in the area. He discarded his captain’s armband a while ago, which some will read as significant. He is applying himself professionally, though.

We have a real battle on our hands here but what is happening in the other matches this afternoon? I have all the updates for you. West Ham are drawing 1-1 with Crystal Palace and Southampton are losing 1-0 to Newcastle.

Well it was a lightning start from Villa with a 2-0 lead after 11 minutes but United have fought their way back through Shaw – who has been credited with the goal.

Shaw pops a shot in and it hits Ramsay and the deflection sees keeper Martinez have no chance of saving that! I’m checking to see if Shaw or Ramsay are credited.





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