Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 4-1 Highlights Video

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 4-1 Highlights Video

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 4-1 Highlights Video Download #ARSCRY .

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 4-1 Highlights Download: English Premier League (EPL) – March 19th, 2023. 

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Arsenal vs Crystal Palace’s match started with full attacking forces.

Partey tries to mop up after a loose Ramsdale clearance but can’t collect the ball.

Palace find space in the box through Zaha, but he can’t find the target after escaping Gabriel.

A lovely flick around the corner from Jesus and he gets the ball back.

He goes down under a challenge from Tomkins and looks hopefully at the referee but his protests are waved away. It looks the right decision.

Poor old Palace. Any thoughts that they might make a game of it in the last 20 have been cruelly snuffed out by a brilliant Arsenal side.

Kieran Tierney’s got down the side, pulled the ball back to around the penalty spot and Bukayo Saka slots it away for his second.

A brief VAR check to see if Jesus was offside/interfering with play but the goal is legit and the only question now is whether Arsenal can buff their goal difference.

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Panic in the Crystal Palace box almost leads to another from the hosts, while Holding forces another corner as his shot deflects behind.

The set-piece finds the head of Jesus, but he’s always stretching and can’t divert the ball on target.

Relief around the Emirates as Arsenal make it four!

It had just started to get a little nervy in the last couple of minutes, but Tierney cuts the ball back to Saka and he sweeps the ball into the bottom corner.

VAR is checking to see whether Gabriel Jesus was affecting Whitworth’s line of view as he was in an offside position.

The check is complete and the goal stands.

Olise delivers a ball in, it hits Schlupp, who reacts quickest in a crowd scene, and he has put the ball in the net. Out of the blue you have to say but that might spark some sort of fightback, perhaps.






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