Afro Beat & Amapiano Creativity In DJing

Afro Beat  & Amapiano Creativity In DJing

It is said in 2020, Amapiano changed the sound in Nigeria music industry reigning over the existence of Afro beat that has gain popularity all over the world.

There has been a controversy by most Nigerian Professional Disk Jockey regarding the existence of Amapiano beats over Afro beats genre with the high level of request by most hype men and in the street.
This has been the topic and most of the DJs talking about how hype men is taking over most of their event in showing their hyping skills demanding for Amapiano beat with the use of their expensive instrument at all possible occasions and not letting them to be creative enough.


The question is…

  • Are some DJs not professional enough?
  • Is Amapiano really taking over Afro beatz in Nigeria?
  • Do DJs really want amapiano gone for good?
  • Are the hype men really taking the credit over the DJs at most event?
  • Do DJs and Hype Men really need to be more creative?

Afro Beat

How about a DJ been able to do the hype himself and doing the vibe on any beat he decided to give to the audience.

How about a Hype man been able to do the flow on any beat even if it’s blues without making a request from the DJ. Both will be able to do their job as it pleases.

Since both club and street of Nigeria already welcome and acknowledge the existence of Amapiano, which other music genre will be able to take over Amapiano if all DJs want Amapiano gone.

Also for the hard work of most hype men, what will be the next task if DJs try to do without their service.

Will a DJ have to hype or will a Hype man have to get into been a DJ.


Your view in comment section…


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